Flowers + Jewels

Flowers + Jewels

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"If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever." - Alfred Lord Tennyson 

Flowers have always come hand in hand with Lili Claspe Jewels. Summer has arrived and it seems everywhere we look, flowers are blooming. The smell of summertime fills our store and workplace, brightening up the days. There's something about fresh flowers that makes you feel happy and alive — full of creativity.

Whether it being at your desk, lounging by your bedside table, or even when you are out in the garden, there are so many ways to add some life into your space by decorating with fresh flowers. Take some time this week to add a few flowers into your life. And paired with your favorite sparkly baubles, how can you not be inspired?

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Bright flower arrangement add a pop of color in the work day. Keep a fresh bouquet of peonies on your desk, have a big cup of coffee and know that it's going to be a great day. Leave some of your favorite piece of jewelry at work so you can easily throw them on when you get to the office.

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Keep a pretty jewelry tray next to simple flower arrangement. Placed next to your bedtime essentials (books, a candle & some fancy hand lotion) a bouquet of hydrangeas will make the whole room smell comforting and peaceful. The tray will also help you from losing your favorite pieces that you wear everyday but don't want to sleep in.

Stacker Rings


 The bathroom is an often forgotten place for flowers. You spend so much time in there getting ready each day, relaxing in the bath, etc. Make it more like an oasis, a spa. Decorate with a pretty tray to hold your flowers, towels, perfume, and jewelry. Roses or magnolias will make the space feel chic and luxurious.

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This is a great space for a bigger arrangement. Add a bouquet next to your candles, magazines and coffee table books. Keep a smaller vase or plate for your jewels. Unlike your bedside table, your coffee table is a great place to display some of your more special or interesting pieces. Think of it not only as jewelry but as decoration.


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