A Fistful of Jewelry: Layering Rings

It's all in the details. When you see her walking down the street, or see her picture show up on Instagram, what is it that makes you love her look? A t-shirt dress, a comfy flannel tied around the waist, black booties. They're basics that we all wear and love. But it's the little details that make this outfit different. 

Her silver rings, stacked on every finger. A chunky pyrite statement that catches the light in a beautiful way. The thin silver choker that draws just a bit of attention up to her face. It's these little finishing touches that turn something possibly boring into something captivating. 

That's one of our favorite things about simple layering. The pieces don't necessarily have to stand out on their own, but when added in the right combination it can make all of the difference. So play around with your favorite stacking rings. Tie on a ribbon choker or add a thin silver chain. And take a peek below to get some more inspiration.

Gemma Choker | Pyrite Cluster | Stackers | Thick Stackers }

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