About Lili Claspe

What is Lili Claspe?

Lili claspe is a collection of accessories made from reclaimed vintage or handmade pieces and one of a kind minerals or gemstones. Each piece is handmade individually and is either one of a kind or available in limited quantities.

The Lili to my Claspe...

I've always been creative. While my siblings lined the living room walls with trophies and newspaper articles, I usually filled the refrigerator with ribbons or pictures I'd draw during English class. My story begins with tragedy but don't worry, it ends in happiness. At 17, I lost two of the most important people in my life; my sister Lisa (3/2004) and my father Cris (10/2004). As a result, I had to grow up quickly and learn to live on my own. I immediately dove into the Accounting world and loved it. No matter the issue or problem, there would only be one right answer and at the time, I needed that kind of consistency. In 2008, I decided to quit my job as a staff Accountant and attend FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) to pursue my childhood dream of becoming a Fashion Designer. It was there that I realized my unique attention to detail. I loved working on intricate projects that were small and incredibly detailed. After FIDM, I went to work for Nordstrom as a Stylist. It didn't take long for me to realize that I had a gift. On a commissioned salary I wasn't able to buy the beautiful accessories I wanted to style with my daily outfits so I started to make jewelry for each one! Eventually I found myself selling jewelry from the trunk of my car in the parking lot after my shift. LILI CLASPE was born.

I chose the name without hesitation. My sister was and still is very much apart of my life today. Though she's been gone for 8 years now, there's not a single day that goes by without me thinking of her and what her opinion would be of me today. I make every single piece by hand and name them after childhood friends or family members. I dedicate my success to everyone who continues to believe in me and my jewelry. I cannot thank my customers enough for being supportive and so enthusiastic of my product. The customers keep me busy, keep me smiling, keep me up at night and best of all keep the memory of my sweet, sweet LILI alive. I look forward to whats next each and everyday. Thankful.

Stephanie Tchamanian | Designer | 26 | Huntington Beach, CA