The Founder

Stephanie Tchamanian is an LA-based designer and artist, who came upon her craft as a means of self-preservation after the loss of her beloved sister, and namesake to the brand, Lisa (Lili).

What began on the floor of her apartment, as her own exploration of artistic expression quickly caught the attention of those seeking her inimitable designs. Stephanieā€™s modality brings together vintage silhouettes and contemporary wearability from which she hopes you create your very own collection of treasures. Her passion for visual storytelling, hand-sourcing stones and materials, and taking on custom projects translates into the Lili Claspe world.


Lili Claspe (pronounced, Lee Lee) is an exploration and expression of self through adornment. Founded in 2011 by Stephanie Tchamanian, the California-based line offers jewelry that links the playfulness of fashion pieces with the craft of luxury technique.

Uncompromising quality and customer relationships are at the forefront of the brand's identity. For this reason, Lili Claspe has been the go-to for names like Kylie Jenner, Normani, Bella and Gigi Hadid, and many steadfast customers who for the Lili Claspe team, have become family. We believe personal style should be a process of creative individualism, and we canā€™t wait to see how you wear your Lili Claspe pieces.

Itā€™s at the core of the Lili Claspe mission to create uniquely playful jewelry, with the craft of luxury techniques. We promise to offer our customers the highest quality product and services to ensure long-lasting relationships.