The Founder

Meet Lili Claspe’s designer and founder – Stephie Tchamanian. She started Lili Claspe in 2011, when she turned a vision into reality out of her apartment in the heart of Southern California.

What began as a personal desire for jewelry that aligned with her style, Stephie started hand-making pieces with an elegant edge she was looking for. An instant love for designing led her to start her own line – naming it Lili Claspe – in honor of her late sister, Lisa, who Stephie always referred to as “Lili” growing up (pronounced “Lee-Lee”). This was a way to keep Lisa’s memory alive through each piece intricately designed, and Stephie ran with it.

Brand inspiration

Her designs quickly drew attention, to Stephie’s surprise more than anyone, and have since gained support from the likes of Candace Swanepoel, Jasmine Tookes and Taylor Hill.

Stephie credits emotion and self-love as the two main catalysts for her creations. She finds it important that her jewelry speaks to women and helps them accentuate their personal style. Fueling this inspiration are the colors and textures from precious stones she hand selects and incorporates into the designs, and most importantly, the lines and curves of women’s bodies and how each piece is going to be styled on each unique woman. This is where Stephie has found her niche.

I cannot thank my customers enough for being supportive and so enthusiastic about my product,” says Stephie. “They keep me busy, keep me smiling, and best of all, keep the memory of my sweet, sweet Lisa alive. I’m beyond thankful.

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